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Grant Batchelor at Heritage Skills Hub; Thatching Advisory Services Products; advice available.

Grant Batchelor Master Thatcher recently demonstrated the art of thatching at Heritage Skills Hub Event at the NEC Birmingham.

Grant was one of the Heritage Skills Hub members that promoted traditional building crafts and skills,training and courses this weekend.

Grant also discussed the fire safety products available for thatched properties including  TAS100 Thatch Fireboards, Thatch Firewall membrane and Thatchbatts® – all available from  Thatching Advisory Services.

Visitors also had the chance to ask about our Thatchsayf fire retardant spray as Grant is a fully trained approved sprayer.

Click the link below to find out more about the Heritage Hub skills and what they do.


Thatchsayf – Grant Batchelor

Thatchsayf - Grant Batchelor

Thatchsayf - Grant Batchelor 2TAS Approved Thatcher, Grant Batchelor recently completed his training to become an approved contractor for the application of Thatchsayf.

The training took place on a property in Weedon Lois, Northampton, which Grant had recently thatched. The treated roof area was 191m².