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About Us

Although centuries old, thatching has seen many changes and improvements over the years and is currently enjoying a revival. A growing increase in the popularity of thatch has lead to more new buildings and extensions to existing thatched properties.

This oldest roofing method extends far beyond its beauty and provides unique thermal insulation, noise abatement and longevity of service. Currently over 60,000 properties in the UK have a thatched roof with more than 24,000 of these properties being listed.

Products used have changed or developed to improve the traditional thatch supplies. The introduction of ‘fire retardants and early warning temperature sensors for chimneys have reduced the fire risks to many thatched properties. Also changes in roof construction have maximised the benefits of these fire safety advances.

Thatching Advisory Services provides a comprehensive range of fire barriers and fire safety advice which is dedicated to thatched properties.

For over 35 years we have provided a single source of information for architects, builders, surveyors, thatchers and property owners. Whether it is a new build, extension or re-thatch project, we will offer advice with regard to current building regulations and which fire barriers and systems are best suited to each individual project.